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Eyewear Trends for Men

Category: Eyewear

Published: 2016-10-19

If you want to make a statement and go bold with your glasses, it might be time to ditch your wire, thin-rimmed glasses. Today’s trend in eyewear, especially in Hollywood, is all about dark frames that stand out. Large-frame glasses create a simple look, but there are many different ways to change up the frames. If you are looking for the best selection of eyewear in Alabama, read on to learn more about this trend.


The Bigger the Bolder

The bold and simple look of glasses with frames can be achieved with rims that are chunky or even somewhat slim. Be prepared to get noticed in a good way with thick-framed glasses. You can start with slim frames and work your way up to the bigger, bolder ones. Another size component of glasses is lens size, as some frames are wider than others. Experiment with different widths and sizes, if possible, to determine which will look best on your face.

Shape Matters

There are many ways to express your individuality with glasses, and the shape of the frame is one. Some men can pull off all different kinds of frame shapes, from the traditionally rectangular frames to round or even horn-rimmed. Popular trends that are appearing include glasses in aviator or square shapes. You can even repurpose your favorite sunglasses into eyeglasses. Once again, try out different shapes on your face and don’t be afraid to take a style risk.

Color Your Frames

Dark frames are the most popular right now, including black and dark brown. They create a classic look and complement almost anyone’s face and style. Tortoiseshell frames are a great, unique option for men with blond or brown hair. Look for the different shades of tortoiseshell, as they range in browns, yellows, and oranges. Another trend that is surfacing is clear frames, which seem to look best on artistic types.

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