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How the King-Devick Test Can Help You

Category: Vision Therapy

Published: 2016-10-19

Fall brings the start of contact sports. Does your athlete have a baseline score for the King-Devick test? Developed more than 30 years ago, the King-Devick test is an effective means of testing for concussion after injury. It is an essential test for anyone who participates in contact and collision activities.

What is the King-Devick test? The King-Devick test was developed in 1976 to study eye movement while reading, which allows children to be screened for learning disabilities. During the test, you are presented with a series of single digit numbers and asked to read them aloud as quickly as possible. The test measures your eyes ability to read and track numbers also known as saccadic eye movements. The test takes about two minutes to complete, and it can be taken using cards, a computer, or even an iPad.

How does the King-Devick test help athletes?

The King-Devick test is used as a sideline tool to help screen for concussions. Once there is an established baseline, any test that shows an increase in time or errors indicates there may be some vision issues related to a possible concussion. A baseline is established before the season begins with the fastest of two trials without errors.

How widely used is the King-Devick test? Sports-related concussions are a national problem; every year, up to 3.8 million concussions are attributed to sports-related injuries. The King-Devick test is used around the country to test athletes in high schools and colleges, as well as at the professional level. Schaeffer Eye Center has teamed up with high schools in the greater area of Birmingham, Alabama, so that every athlete can have a baseline score.

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