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Signs You Need Reading Glasses

Category: Corrective Lenses

Published: 2016-10-17

Presbyopia is a condition that typically affects older adults. It develops when the eye lenses become rigid, a common side effect of the aging process, and the decline of close eyesight is often the first indicator of it. If you are suffering from the following issues, talk to an eye doctor in Hoover. With an eye exam, you can get fitted with eyeglasses that will make reading an enjoyable activity once again.

Weary Vision

When presbyopia develops, it can affect any activity that requires close eyesight. If you often make art or crafts, activities that typically demand attention to detail, you might have a more difficult time completing your projects. Because your eyes are working harder to distinguish colors and shapes, you might feel your eyes grow weary after a short period of time. Though a more vague symptom of presbyopia, vision specialists recommend seeing an eye doctor if you can no longer participate in these activities.

Chronic Headaches

Presbyopia can strain not only the eyes, but also the brain. Every light ray that enters the eyes is eventually sent to the brain as signals that it then translates as visual images. If the eyes must work harder to discern objects, the brain likewise has a more difficult time creating clear pictures of what the eyes are taking in. As a result, you might experience headaches on a regular basis.

Fuzzy Print

Some individuals assume that blurry vision is a natural part of getting older. It is not. If you suffer from presbyopia, help is available for it. Should you no longer be able to read a book or computer screen because the words on the page or display are too fuzzy to make out, make an appointment at an eye care center. An eye doctor can quickly determine if the cause of your weariness and blurred eyesight is presbyopia. With a new pair of glasses, you can just as quickly get back to the activities you enjoy.

Don’t wait to have the clear vision you deserve. Schaeffer Eye Center can perform a comprehensive eye exam, and should you have presbyopia, fit you with functional and fashionable eyewear. Call (877) 223-9776 for an appointment.