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Spotlight on ReCharge Lenses and Crizal Prevencia Lenses

Category: Technology / Innovation & Procedures

Published: 2016-10-19

Eyeglasses are still a highly popular vision correction option for individuals with eyesight problems. However, eyeglass wearers must occasionally contend with certain vision challenges that can cause discomfort and other more serious conditions. Eye care experts understand how these problems can reduce quality of life for eyeglass wearers, which is why they have created specially formulated lenses to address these concerns.

Common Vision Issues for Eyeglass Wearers

When light hits eyeglasses at a particular angle, it can create a distracting and even dangerous glare. Especially when a person with eyeglasses encounters glare while driving a car or using complex machinery, he may be temporarily unable to see, which can lead to harm to himself or others. The increasing presence of electronic devices has also affected vision ease for eyeglass wearers. Smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices can emit a harmful blue light that tires the eyes and causes head and eye discomfort. Some research also indicates this harmful spectrum of blue light can lead to damage of the retina and macula.

Unique Benefits of ReCharge and Crizal Prevencia Lenses

ReCharge and Crizal Prevencia lenses can combat the problems that commonly impact eyeglass wearers. For one, these lenses can significantly lower the occurrence of glare that many eyeglass wearers experience. They use a selective filter to block out the harmful blue light that reaches the eyes. By being able to stop blue light, these lenses can help eyeglass wearers use their electronic devices for longer periods of time with more comfort and less long-term effects. UV light exposure is a constant vision risk for all individuals regardless of whether they wear eyeglasses, but eyeglass wearers can also benefit from lessened UV exposure when wearing these lenses.

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