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The Anatomy of the Eye

Category: General Eye Health

Published: 2016-10-17

Eyes are an incredible part of the human body. They quickly react to the things happening around us, perceiving objects we might not realize are there. Eyes are full of nerves that help communicate to the brain what action should be taken. Read on to learn about the different functions and important components of an eyeball.

Parts of the Eye

The main parts of the eye consist of the cornea, iris, crystalline lens, retina and pupil. Together these structures help to filter light in various ways and ultimately allow us to see objects clearly. The cornea and iris act as light filters, allowing various levels of light to hit the back of the eye through the dilation of the pupil. From there, the light hits the crystalline lens as a last stop before reaching the retina. Signals are then sent to the brain and we are able to better understand our surroundings.

Holding It All Together

Our eye helps us see, but have you ever wondered how your eye stays in place or even moves? These functions are possible with the help of different ligaments and muscles in, on and around the eye. The suspensory ligament zonules are responsible for holding part of the eye together. There are two different rectus muscles that help move the eye up and down. Finally, the optic nerve that helps transmit information to the brain and also helps anchor the eye in its socket.

Beyond Eyes for Sight

Eyes are obviously well-built for seeing but there are other parts of the body that make sight possible! Eyelids produce tears to keep our eyes well lubricated and nourished. They also protect the eyes when it is too bright or they are in a potentially dangerous situation. Muscles behind the eyes help to control the movement and thus our ability to see things within a wide range.

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