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The Perfect Frame for your Face

Category: Corrective Lenses

Published: 2016-10-19

After you received a comprehensive eye exams from any Schaeffer Eye Center office, your next stop is choosing the perfect frame for your new prescription.

Before frame selection, think about the shape of your face. The three most common face shapes are round, oval and oblong. Follow this guide for selecting a frame that best suits your face:

Round: An angular, narrow frame with a clear bridge will help will help lengthen the face and widen the eyes.

Oval: To keep a natural balance, the best frame is as wide as than the broadest part of the face. The most popular frames are geometric shapes such as squares or rectangles.

Oblong: Frames that have more depth than width will make the face appear shorter and wider. Also try decorative or contrasting temples that add width to the face or a law bridge to shorten the nose.

At Schaeffer Eye Center you never have to compromise between style and function. Our seasoned opticians will assist you in finding a frame you will enjoy wearing, taking into consideration all aspects of your features and personal style. When it comes to style, Schaeffer Eye Center offers the best in eyewear to fit everyone’s budget.

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