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Through the Eye of a Child Scavenger Hunt

Category: Community Involvement

Published: 2017-10-10

Each day, the patients at Children’s of Alabama undergo stressful times. Often they are not able to leave their rooms while at the hospital for treatment. We worked with Child Life to create a fun activity every child can take part in from the comfort of their private rooms.

Their Looking Glass: A Pair of Binoculars

Armed with a scavenger hunt card and a pair of donated binoculars, kids can discover landmarks visible from their own window. They are able to spot Birmingham Baron’s home field Regions Field or see the famous iron-ore statue of Vulcan pointing his spear to the sky. Those that take part in this stationary scavenger hunt can keep the binoculars to do their own optical hunts from their home.

Supporting Child Life at Children’s of Alabama

The health of children is more than just physical, it includes their well-being and their family. The Child Team Life are specialists in reducing the stressful impact a stay at a hospital can have on their recovery. At Schaeffer Eye Center, we’re thrilled to be a part of this ongoing initiative at Children’s of Alabama. For more information on how Child Life contributes to the families at the hospital, visit