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What Are Progressive Lenses?

Category: Technology / Innovation & Procedures

Published: 2016-10-19

Does your vision require different correction at different distances? Are you having trouble changing from your computer to your iPhone and then looking back at the distance? Or just having trouble keeping track of all your reading cheaters you have laying around the house? Progressive lenses are your answer. These are advanced lenses that use digital technology to create a seamless progression from distance to near and every distance between them. Traditional bifocals have two points of focus, up close and far away, thus the “bi” in bifocals. However, we no longer live in a world where our vision takes place at only those distances. They even do this without the obvious line on the glasses keeping that youthful look in your frames! Today’s progressive lenses have the easiest adaptation, widest zones of vision, and smallest zones of distortion of any generation of lenses on the market.

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