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Dry Eye Therapy

Treating Dry Eye With State of the Art Therapies

Employing the Latest in Eye Care Technologies

Dry eye treatment generally centers around improving lubrication. We are proud to utilize the latest in dry eye treatments, including Lipiflow. Designed to unblock meibomian glands, Lipiflow stimulates the secretion of oily lipids needed for healthy tear film.

Diagnosing The Cause of Your Dry Eye

Using Modern Diagnostic Equipment

Dry eyes occur when there is an improper amount of lubrication on the surface of the eyes. This can be due to your body not producing enough tears, or that the tears it does produce are thin and low quality, evaporating before they can provide proper lubrication. Regardless of the cause, this lack of lubrication is responsible for dry eye.

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More Information About Dry Eye

Dry eye affects millions of Americans. Many experience chronic dry eye, while others experience dry eye intermittently.

Symptoms of dry eye
How we treat dry eye
Things you can do to reduce dry eye’s impact

Why Choose Schaeffer Eye Center?


We continuously explore and invest in new technologies that improve the quality and accuracy of our eye exams, aid in testing for eye diseases (such as glaucoma), and treatment options.

By investing in advanced treatments, such as LipiFlow for dry eye, we can improve the quality of life for patients living with chronic eye conditions. We carry a variety of contact lenses suitable for nearly any prescription, including toric and scleral lenses.

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Schaeffer Eye Center offers the best selection in distinctive, designer eyewear.

Our design minded eyewear consultants can assist you in finding the best style to offer comfort that meets your lifestyle needs and fashion sense.

We offer many exclusive brands, such as Sama, SALT. Optics, Robert Marc, Barton Perreira and l.a. Eyeworks that you cannot find anywhere else in Alabama. We also include collections from Oliver Peoples, Tom Ford, Chanel, Gold and Wood, Freudenhaus, RetroSpecs and many more.

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We have grown to 18 locations across Alabama by providing quality service to our patients. Not only are we providers for most of the major insurance plans, we can determine the best use to maximize your benefits.

Schaeffer Eye Center believes in giving back to the community. This belief is demonstrated by current and past support in numerous community organizations.